Ashrafieh Diner
It all starts here! The oldest and most traditional of Roadster diners saw the day in 1998. Located in Ashrafieh, it is the godfather of all Roadster diners, the one closest in spirit and shape to the Diner tradition. The result of much hard work and commitment, it came together as a grand labor of love, and allowed us to expand beyond our wildest dreams!
Many of our customers consider Roadster diner – Ashrafieh their second home, and cannot get enough of our delicious food, beverages, and unique setting and atmosphere. If you are on the hunt for that truly vintage diner experience, this is your next destination.
Valet parking, breakfast, lunch and dinner, a comfy bar area, and of course an exclusive selection of original music, are available every day of the week.
Opening Hours
Sunday till Thursday from 11:30Am till 12:00Am
Friday and Saturday from 11:30AM till 1:00Am
Charles Malek Avenue
01 - 577575