Rd Lover Check Stars

Dear Rd LOVER,

  • Begin to accumulate stars from the moment you join the Rd® LOVER reward program.
  • Every 1000 LL is equivalent to one star, and not redeemable for cash.
  • You can use only one card per bill.
  • Stars are brought forward from one draw to another.
  • Card must be presented before the issuance of the billing order to collect stars.
  • Card can be used only in Rd® dine-in branches.
  • Follow us online to collect more stars and double your chance to win.


1- Rd lover Card can be used in all Rd dine branches and Delivery Centers.

2- In delivery centers, stars will be added to your account within 1 working day after your first transaction.

3- For every draw, stars will stop accumulating on the last day of the month before.

  1. e.g: Draw 1 dated March 7th, stars will stop accumulating for this draw Fed 28th

4- Accumulated stars from 2012 will be automatically activated upon reaching the new targeted stars of each draw of 2013.

  1. e.g: For draw 1, Rd lover from 2012 have to collect the 200 stars (stars targeted for this draw) in order to activate your old stars.

5- Keep accumulating stars to upgrade your Rd lover card with extra benefits.




  • Upon accumulation of the needed stars, Roadster diner will communicate with you via e-mail, informing your electronic voucher.
  • Four draws will take place during this program:
    • Draw 1: Thursday, March 7th at Rd Ashrafieh branch
    • Draw 2: Tuesday, May 7th at Rd City Mall branch
    • Draw 3: Wednesday, August 7th at Rd Jounieh branch
    • Draw 4: Tuesday, January 7th 2014 at Rd Le Mall branch