Hamra Diner

Opened in 2005, this diner is ideally located at the crowded heart of Hamra Street, between AUB and LAU. It has brought back life to this part of the city, attracting people of all ages Young children enjoying a yummy hamburger with their grandparents, sitting side-by-side with university students idly sipping a cup of coffee. In 2009, this branch expanded into a second floor, entirely non-smoking, to allow more people to have a goodtime. For a truly interesting meal, we recommend that you catch one of our prized window booths, with an unparalleled view on the bustle of Hamra Street.

Free underground parking, breakfast, lunch and dinner, outdoors terrace, bar area, 2nd floor non smoking area
Opening Hours
9:30 am - 1:00 am
Main Hamra Street, Crowne Plaza Center
01 – 738899

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